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Natural FriendsDear Natural Friends

The Natural Friends directory was set up by a group of friends, much like those in the TV series, except we live in London, we aren't nearly as funny, we hardly watch TV, and we are into all things natural, green, alternative, spiritual and ecological. Urbanites often find it difficult to live a natural and authentic life amongst all this noise, pollution and artificiality, but it can be done… we've done it! All of us have been in London at least 7 years (Sharon and Pete were born here) and so we have a pretty good grasp of what is what.

There are many other alternative directories for the UK, but you can be sure that most of them have been compiled by non-alternative folk in the interest of mammon. We compiled the Natural Friends directory specifically for Londoners and to share some of our findings with our friends and our extended family—you! We aren't entirely non-profit but do sell banner advertising at the top of each page to try to recoup the domain cost (we paid a fortune), but rest assured that all our ratings and recommendations are immune to the influence of our advertisers.

Lots of love and a group hug,

Roz, Alex, Sharon, Pete and Angie
Copyright 2008 Natural Friends